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Industrial & Commercial Engineers in Edmonton

BIE Engineering Corp has dependable commercial engineers in Edmonton. For small businesses or multinational corporations, BIE Engineering Corp provides a full range of structural engineering services. Serving commercial and industrial businesses, our team of engineers is committed to ensuring you achieve your construction goals efficiently.

Complete compliance and safety are our priorities, and BIE Engineering Corp is committed to the building codes and standards of any municipal area in Edmonton, Fort Mac, and Northern Alberta. We are also licensed to provide design services in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. We provide complete schedules outlining our involvement in your project from design through construction review and compliance.

In particular, our experience with the city of Edmonton and the county means we have a long-standing relationship in the area, assuring peace of mind throughout your project.

Construction Review Services for Quality Assurance

For new and existing construction, BIE Engineering Corp provides construction review services for commercial and industrial properties. We assist with structural engineering to comply with the permits issued by local authorities and make recommendations for remedial solutions for existing construction deficiencies. Our consulting engineers work with your designs, architect and contractors on a wide range of projects in Northern Alberta, including:

Multi-family homes

Apartment buildings up to 4 storeys

Steel buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings

Underground parking


Warehouses & storage facilities

If you are looking for a commercial engineer in Edmonton, contact BIE Engineering Corp online to tell us about your project and request a quote.

Commercial Building Construction


Tell us more about your project.

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