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Commercial structural engineer

Are you a contractor with experience in residential construction, ready to take on a commercial project? Before you bid on a commercial project it is a good idea to understand what the engineering requirements will be so you can successfully establish the scope of work. As with residential construction, it is best to contact the city you will be building in to find out their requirements for each specific project. Read on to learn some of the changes in engineering requirements that you might see when taking on a commercial project.

Why is there a Difference in Engineering Requirements? Simply put, typical residential construction and commercial construction fall under different sections of the Building Code. While it is up the City issuing permits to determine what will be required for engineering, the Building Code specifies that certain projects require Schedules of Professional Involvement. Schedules of Professional Involvement are required for most commercial construction projects, whether it is a new project or a renovation. What are Schedules of Professional Involvement? Schedules of Professional Involvement are a set of forms from the Building Code that act as a commitment contract between the owner and the Professionals involved in the project. When an Architect or an Engineer sign the Schedules of Professional Involvement they are committing to take responsibility for the design and field review of the project within their area of expertise. Depending on the intended use, building height, building area, and overall complexity, you may require the Schedules of Professional Involvement from one or more of the designations. The designations include:

  • Architecture

  • Structural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Design Changes The Building Code outlines the parameters that must be used for the structural design of a building based on many factors of the project. Before bidding on a commercial project it is important to take into account that the structural design may have to include heavier design loads. In other words, building a second floor in a personal shop, and building a second floor in a commercial bay for office space, will not have the same structural design, and may even require different materials for construction. Hiring a structural engineer with experience in commercial construction is key to ensuring you can provide an accurate bid on a project and that the project will successfully meet the Building Code requirements. In addition to providing the structural design, the Structural Engineer will also be performing the construction field review at various stages. This allows the Structural Engineer to be involved and find solutions for any problems that may arise during construction. Finding a Structural Engineer in Edmonton Choosing a Structural Engineering firm with a strong, experienced, team of Engineers and technicians will help you successfully complete your project from the initial bid through occupancy. Ready to get your construction project started? Contact BIE Engineering Corp to request a quote today.


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