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Do you have a commercial or residential project in the works? Chances are good you will require the services of a structural engineer in Edmonton before long!

WHAT DOES A STRUCTURAL ENGINEER DO? While the needs of each project vary, a structural engineer is responsible for:

  • Working with a client and their architects to realize their vision of a building or other structure.

  • Design and physical integrity. A structural engineer in Edmonton will make sure that every aspect of a construction project—from soil testing and design loads and stresses, to material and component compatibility and finished project—meet the client’s requirements… safely, on time and on budget.

  • Safety. A structural engineer will see to it that every aspect of a construction project meets strict safety and code requirements; keep construction workers safe during the building phase; make sure the structure itself is durable and strong enough to withstand environmental stresses; and ensure the inhabitants of the building can live or work safely and efficiently in the building.

  • Management. A structural engineer will often serve as a linchpin between the client, members of the design and engineering team, construction contractors, government agencies and other stakeholders. They may also oversee the purchase and delivery of materials and equipment.

WHAT QUALITIES TO LOOK FOR WHEN HIRING A STRUCTURAL ENGINEER To ensure that your project is matched with the best structural engineer in Edmonton possible, some qualities you should look for are:

  • Reputation. Ask around! Word of mouth is one of the best ways to narrow the field. Once you have the possible candidates down to a manageable number, check their BBB rating, look at their body of work (do they have experience with the type of structure you are undertaking?) and communicate with some of their past clients for their impressions.

  • Technical expertise. Check not only the competence of the firm, but also that of the individual(s) with whom you will be working. What is their level of education, accreditation, specialty, experience? What difficult problems have they had to deal with? It’s one thing to have familiarity with your type of project, but how creative are they at finding solutions to problems as they arise… because they will come up!

  • Scope of work. Present your project to your short list of structural engineering firms and see how they respond. Do they take your project seriously? How constructive are their suggestions? Their response is an excellent gauge as to what they will be like to work with.

  • Cost. Between similar engineering firms, how much their services cost will obviously be another determining factor.

Get Your Project Started with BIE Engineering Corp Need a structural engineer for a project in Edmonton? Contact us at BIE Engineering Corp to request a quote! At BIE Engineering, our 20+ years of service and our A+ BBB rating speak for themselves.

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