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Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, a small project or a massive undertaking, any new construction project is a big investment in both time and resources. So doesn’t it make sense to want to protect that investment and see to it that the project is completed as envisioned, on time and on budget? That’s where consulting engineers in Edmonton come in.

WHAT IS AN CONSULTING ENGINEER? Quite simply, a consulting engineer is a professional structural engineer that is brought in to consult on a construction project. Engineers are trained to measure and predict the strength, rigidity and stability of a variety of structures from a simple single-family dwelling, to an apartment complex or office tower, to a parking garage and much more. HOW DO CONSULTING ENGINEERS WORK? Engineering consultants work as part of a larger team of professionals from a broad range of disciplines to help bring a structural design to life. They often work in a leadership role and coordinate the efforts of the team to ensure that the project is completed to the highest possible standard while staying on schedule and on budget. THE SERVICES THAT CONSULTING ENGINEERS PROVIDE Consulting engineers in Edmonton are problem solvers. They’re responsible for finding solutions to problems that arise before, during or after a construction project is complete. Engineering consultants can provide assistance with a number of tasks crucial to the construction process such as:

  • Asset-management studies

  • Civil and infrastructure engineering

  • Environmental-impact studies

  • Feasibility studies

  • Inspection of construction

  • Investment studies

  • On-site construction management

  • Planning and design

  • Social-impact studies

  • Supervision

  • Surveying

  • Technical assistance

  • Zoning and permits

  • And more

An engineering consultant can help you if you have a problem but don’t have the time to find a solution in house, don’t have the manpower to devote to finding a solution or if you simply need the opinion of an outside expert PREVENT PROBLEMS AND MINIMIZE RISK Consulting engineers in Edmontoncan help you find solutions to your design obstacles, prevent problems with the structural integrity of your project and minimize the risk of non-compliance. At BIE Engineering Corp, our consulting engineers are dedicated to helping you achieve your construction goals and preventing problems before they start. We work with architects, builders and homeowners to provide the expert advice needed to complete projects safely and efficiently. The team of consulting engineers at BIE Engineering Corp has experience with projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re constructing a large-scale industrial warehouse or simply remodeling your home, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote.


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